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You People Are Just Tragic.

Ok. We are all now a little sick and tired of hearing about “offended” radical muslims throwing their toys out of the pram.
We are sick and tired of hearing threats of violence over television shows and pictures.


First we had threats of violence and death to the makers of Citizen Khan, a sitcom about a Muslim family in Birmingham. Written by a Muslim, and starring Muslim actors.
You can watch episodes HERE on BBC iPlayer.

Next we have yet more threats of violence and death to the makers of Islam: The Untold Story, a documentary on Channel 4, which has since been axed because of death threats to the presenter Tom Holland.
You can watch the first episode HERE on 4 on Demand.

NOW we have 4 people killed in Libya, including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the US Embassy…

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Three accused of organised abuse of child in Burton


THREE people have appeared in court charged with the organised abuse of a child at a house in Burton.

Nicola Martin

Nicola Martin

Yasser Rasool, 24, of Branston Road, is accused of indecently assaulting the 13- year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on three separate occasions.

Rasool denies the charges.

A man and a woman, also from Burton, have also been charged in connection with the alleged abuse, which the prosecution claims happened between January and May last year.

Nicola Martin, 33, is said to have allowed the incidents to take place at her home, in Craven Street, Horninglow, while Mohammed Sahir, 24, of South Oak Street, Burton, is also accused of allowing the assaults to take place.

Burton Magistrates’ Court was told yesterday that Martin is alleged to have ‘allowed one of her rooms to be used for the purpose’ of the assaults taking place.

The charges follow a lengthy investigation by police, who first interviewed Rasool regarding the alleged incidents in September last year.

Rasool pleaded not guilty to three charges of intentionally touching a girl aged 13, while Martin and Sahir entered no plea to the charge of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

The case was adjourned until October 4 for committal proceedings to crown court.

The three defendants were released on bail and ordered not to have any contact with the alleged victim.

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Well done Casuals you stopped the #York hate fest #edl

Well done Casuals you stopped the #York hate fest #edl.

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Dirty muslim man…….. Deport him now save taxpayers ££££.

A NOTTINGHAM man has been jailed for raping a woman at his Hyson Green flat.

Jawad Kharoti, 21, has been sentenced to six years and eight months in prison after he preyed on a 39-year-old woman on New Year’s Day last year.

  1. Jailed: Jawad Kharoti

    Jailed: Jawad Kharoti

Kharoti, who is originally from Iraq, had been in the UK for four years before he assaulted the woman and will be deported after his sentence is served.

The victim had been out socialising in Nottingham the day of the attack and her last memory is of being in a pub in the city at around 8.30pm.

The next thing she remembered was police taking her home from a block of flats in Hyson Green at around 4am.

The following morning, the woman felt something was not right and suspected she had been raped and called police.

Nottinghamshire Police launched an investigation and, due to the victim’s lack of memory, used CCTV to piece together the events of that night.

Footage recorded in the city centre shows Kharoti approached the victim when she was at the Beaconsfield tram stop at around 10.50pm.

He struck up a conversation with her and took her by the arm, leading her to his flat in Noel Street, Hyson Green.

A camera inside the complex recorded the pair walking to the lift, where Kharoti tried to kiss the victim but she pushed him away and bit his lip.

Kharoti led the woman out of the lift and to his flat.

The victim was next seen nearly an hour-and-a-half later in a state of undress being thrown into the lift by another man.  She collapsed on to the floor, almost unconscious.

She is next seen on the ground floor, where she managed to crawl out of the lift and gather her things before the man threw her shoes outside and ushered her out, where it was around 12 degrees below freezing.

The man returned to the flat and the victim collapsed on to the floor outside.

Around two-and-a-half hours later, two men discovered the victim unconscious on the floor and brought her into the building. The police were called and she was taken home.

After trawling through hours of CCTV footage, officers visited each flat within the complex until they found Kharoti, who matched the description of the man seen in the footage with the victim.

Kharoti, and a second man, were arrested and charged with rape.

Kharoti’s DNA was found on the victim’s clothing but he told police they had consensual sex.

He pleaded not guilty but was convicted by a jury following a trial at Nottingham Crown Court and was sentenced on Monday.

The second man was acquitted at trial.

Detective Inspector Justine Wilson, who led the investigation, said the victim has been through a horrendous ordeal.

She said: “The victim is a very special, inspiring woman who has been through hell and back in the last year. She was taken advantage of in the most brutal and cruel way when she was in a vulnerable state and could not defend herself.

“She has shown remarkable strength of character and determination in bringing this man to justice.

“She was treated appallingly and left in the freezing cold in the middle of the night, unconscious on the ground.

“There was no regard for her safety or wellbeing and she was disposed of once Kharoti had assaulted her. Fortunately, good Samaritans were concerned for her and raised the alarm.

“I hope that his sentencing will signal an end to this difficult and painful chapter of the victim’s life and she can in some way begin to look forward to her future.”

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Muslim thugs murder innocent father.

     More proof that Islam is not the religion of peace as it is proclaimed by its twisted followers. This is yet another incident clearly showing them hunting in packs and attacking a vulnerable man leading to his violent and premature death.  I know we get many nasty bastards in all race, creeds shape and forms but not many of them hide behind a religion of terrible deeds and claim its peacefull. Thats a muslim thing full STOP! They need STOPPING!

Be carefull out there and look after you and yours. NFSE

Johnny Midlander.

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Muslim behaving badly!! (AGAIN)

  • Kehren Sajid allegedly assaulted children as young as 13 months
  • Jurors at Birmingham Crown Court were told the
    children in question were aged between 13 and 17 months.
  • Captured on CCTV mistreating youngsters at the Small Talk Nursery in Handsworth,
    Birmingham, in October last year.

Read more:

How low do they go ffs? These suppossed religious nuts are going on in life commiting crimes of sick and sad mad stuff without fear or retribution. How is that religion? If it is its certainly of the satanic nature.

Just going to keep on with the ‘feet on the street’ and spread my gospel on that fucked up culture called Islam.

Take care of you and yours. NFSE.

  Johnny Midlander

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Yardley muslim scum in action 29th July 2012.

Take time and feast your eyes on this muslim gang, oh sorry I am suppose to say asian I forgot. See how these filthy animals run in packs and prey on the vulnerable.

These muppets need countering at every level.

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